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I’m fine, thanks

A cup of hot tea and some background singing from Cooper, and I’m found sitting in front of my computer ready to start my day!

I was doing some web hopping and I stumbled upon this really cool project Adam Baker is on!

To be honest, the primitive design of the trailer image pretty much killed any interest I had in wanting to click ‘Play’. But the curious cat in me wanted to know why this guy was so excited about this trailer, so I decided to read on! And of course, I don’t have to describe what happened next. (:

I was just so inspired by this project! This is totally what I’m going to do in the future: to travel around the world, interviewing people about their lives and the decisions they make, and to tell their stories (of course, with approval!).

I guess, I’m just really interested in the life experiences of people. It simply intrigues me to know what drove people to make the major and minor decisions in their lives and how everything turned out for them. NONE of these experiences are totally the same!

I’m fine, thanks.

This project is a documentary about people, their lives and the major decisions they make. Baker’s film crew of 5 traveled around U.S to interview people from different backgrounds to find out about their lives and past choices. A more detailed description about this project can be found here.

Here’s their video trailer! Watch it till the end!

Pat, one of the participants of the documentary, blogged about his experience being involved in the production. Click here to read!

I was so inspired by this, I’m now a backer! But as a student whose not earning her own income yet, I can only pledge a humble $5. So, I’m doing the next best thing – SPREAD THE WORD!

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